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Set Dinner Menu

Italian Cuisine at Tanjong Pagar 


Discover the art of the grill at Griglia! Our dinner menus feature charcoal-grilled specialties, showcasing unique Italian flavours with a contemporary twist. Enjoy signature dishes expertly crafted and served sharing style in a casual, Mediterranean-inspired setting.

Let your tastebuds explore our decadent four-course set menu dinner! This Signature Set for Two presents a curated culinary journey, beginning with three individual snacks to awaken the palate. Next, indulge in three exquisite appetisers, served sharing style, followed by a satisfying choice of main course accompanied by two side dishes. To conclude this gastronomic experience, savour our signature dessert, capturing the taste of the Amalfi coast with a hint of limoncello.

Hungry for more? Explore our lunch set menu for an expanded selection of culinary delights. If you're feeling adventurous, discover our full à la carte menu and customise your perfect meal.


Treat Yourself to an Unforgettable Dining Experience 

The perfect spot for any occasion—we offer a welcoming atmosphere and a curated menu for a memorable evening.

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